Yuto Sakai | 坂井 優斗
Born in 2002 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. He has been presenting his works freely without being bound by existing formats, such as by holding impromptu "flash exhibitions" with other artists of the same age without notice. He actively distributes his books through self-publishing and has published 10 books, including "Yabun/Kōryō" (self-published, 2022), which fixed the multi-layered memories evoked by the ever-changing snowy landscape as visual images, and "Hello Goodbye" (self-published, 2021), his maiden work completed as his debut declaration as an artist while struggling against the ephemeral fate that comes with the act of shooting. 
2002   Born in Niigata, Japan
2021-  Nagaoka Institute of Design, Department of Visual Communication Design
2020 Fleeting light (Self Published)
2021 Hello, Goodbye (Self Published)
2021 Je te voulais (Self Published)
2021 August 19, 2021 private edition (Self Published)
2022 STOP WAR "Untitled" (Self Published)
2022 Shell/Thorn (Self Published)
2022 Yabun/Kōryō (Self Published)
2022 Shell/Thorn (Self Published)
2023 3 mph Journey/Untitled (Self Published)
2023 Fleeting Light  (Self Published)
Group Exhibitions
2021 The 14th 4University Joint Photo Exhibition “Maru Exhibition” (Online)
2022 NAGAOKA Art Underconstruction / Kondo Building (
2023 Komoro Artist-in-Residence "KoMoro-Mori-More" results exhibition / Salon de Vert, Nara's residence (Komoro)
2023 Progress / maison de tabinosoraya (Niigata)
2023 NAGAOKA Art Underconstruction / Former Ito-Yokado (
2023 KoMoro-Mori-More (Komoro)
2023 IMA next "NIGHT" Shortlist (Judged by Sakiko Nomura)
2022 TKO zines tour / flotsam books(Tokyo),  IACK(Kanazawa), I SEE ALL(Osaka)

2023 flotsam zines tour 2023 / flotsam books(Tokyo), Colloquium(Sendai), C7C gallery(Nagoya), IACK(Kanazawa), Kivi(Kyoto), Mukta(Kobe), I SEE ALL(Osaka), Dekay(Tokyo)
Magazine/Web Feature
2019 CAPA December issue (Gakken)
2002年新潟県生まれ。同年代の作家たちと共にゲリラ展「flash exhibition」を開催するなど、既存の形式にとらわれない自由な着想で作品を発表している。自費出版による作品集の流通を積極的に行い、刻一刻と移り変わる雪景色から想起される多層的な記憶のレイヤーを定着させた『Yabun/Kōryō』(自費出版、2022年)、撮影という行為に伴う刹那的な運命との対峙に苦しみながらも写真家宣言として完成させたデビュー作の『Hello, Goodbye』(自費出版、2021年)など10冊の出版物がある。
2002   新潟県生まれ
2021-  長岡造形大学造形学部視覚デザイン学科
2020 Fleeting light (私家版)
2021 Hello, Goodbye (私家版)
2021 Je te voulais (私家版)
2021 August 19, 2021 private edition (私家版)
2022 STOP WAR "Untitled" (私家版)
2022 / (私家版)
2022 夜分/荒涼 (私家版)
2022  Shell/Thorn (私家版)
2022  3 mph Journey/Untitled (私家版)
2023  Fleeting Light (私家版)
2021 144大学合同写真展まる展 (オンライン)
2022 長岡芸術工事中 / 近藤ビル (新潟)
2023 小諸アーティスト・イン・レジデンス成果展『
KoMoro-Mori-More』/ ロン・ド・ヴェール, 奈良邸 (小諸)
Progress / maison de たびのそら屋 (新潟)
2023 長岡芸術工事中 /
旧イトーヨーカドー (新潟)
2023 KoMoro-Mori-More (小諸)
2023 IMA next "NIGHT" ショートリスト (野村佐紀子 選)
2022 TKO zines tour / flotsam books(東京)、IACK(金沢)、I SEE ALL(大阪)
2023 flotsam zines tour 2023 / flotsam books(東京), Colloquium(仙台), C7C gallery(名古屋), IACK(金沢), Kivi(京都), Mukta(神戸), I SEE ALL(大阪), Dekay(東京)
2019 CAPA 12月号 (学研)